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Hey, you - the velvet rope is there for a reason!

Authorized personnel only, and we will of course have to ask you to leave immediately!
<stage whisper> Anybody else see you come back here? Good. We gotta be careful, can't just let anybody back here, ya know?
SHHHH!!  Don't let the boss hear you, or we'll get in trouble! She doesn't like little shopmonkeys showing any entrepreneurial initiative, especially when it comes to selling stuff from her personal stash!

<looks around>

Hmmm... I guess if you braved crossing the velvet rope, you must actually want to be here...

Keep in mind, this "backroom" is totally separate from the main store, so you can shop here with the confidence that your Satake glass won't know you're
seed bead curious
secretly bi-glassual
cheating on them
someone who gets easily lost and ends up in the most unusual places although they are totally innocent of anything suspicious, HaHaHa!  Ahem.

Anyway, take a look around... We won't tell.  <wink wink>
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